The July 2009 -APUG meeting covered - NuVu Reporting presented by Brian Culverwell.

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NuVu Reporting

. Business Case: Transforming text-based reports to graphical reports
. Enhanced features
. Email/Fax blasting
 . Conditional formatting
 . Barcoding
. PDF output
. Enhanced image processing
. Charting
. XML processing
. Document Management
. Submission of documents via FTP to web server
. Flexible mechanisms for application integration
. Letter Writing
NuVu Query

. Business Case: Enabling users to extract queries/reporting directly out of your Progress database(s)
. Enhanced features
. Integrated report writer (including charting and image processing)
. Unlimited Grouping/Sorting (client side sorting)
. Automatic Tree-View on grouped figures
. Optional Drill-down to 3 levels
. Calculated fields (with 160+ functions)
. Table lookups
. Automatic table joins
. Integrated scheduler - with automated emailing capability
. Advanced repository options
. Row-level security
. Application integration API
. Utilizes Sockets (NOT ODBC) for enhanced performance (WAN/LAN)
. Multiple outputs (Printer,PDF,XML,Excel,CSV,others)