These documents are available to use to promote your PUG meeting.

Master Tour Speaker Plan: 

·         Spreadsheet for dates, venues, and speakers. 


·         Invitations:  3 versions of an event invitation for you to email to your PUG member list and other prospective attendees.  It is recommended you send the invitation 3 weeks before the event, 1 week before the event and a Last Chance email 2 days before the event.  The  text based invitations are attached which you will be able to customize with your event specifics.  

Post event comms:

·         PUG Presidents will manage the post event communication.  Text based “Thank You for Coming” and “Sorry we Missed You” are attached.  Please feel free to customize to suit your style and event details.    NOTE:  PUG President will receive one USB stick ,which will include .pdf versions of the presentations.  PUG Presidents should include the .pdfs as part of a follow-up communication plan.

Web graphic for PUG Presidents to include on any appropriate websites or communities they support.   The file is attached (OE_web-23px-shortfinal.jpg) and should link here ->


EM PUG Pres Invite-Touch2_FINAL.docx

EM PUG Pres Invite-Touch3_FINAL.docx

EM PUG President Invite_Touch1Final.docx