Our summer WMPUG meeting will be July 30.  It will be a joint meeting with the Michigan PUG, and will be in the Lansing area.  As usual, we will have sessions in the morning and optional golf in the afternoon.  Lunch will be provided for those who preregister.

Topics will be:

1) Welcome to the 21st Century: Bringing Proven Applications Up To Date - Scott Dulecki, BravePoint
You developed a program to fill a need.  It expanded to a second program, then a third, and soon you had an application.  And it works well... does what you want.  Life's good, only... Progress has changed.  Evolved.  Added things that, if they were available way back when, would have let those programs run a little bit faster, be a little bit more bulletproof, be a little more effective.  Should you tinker with something that's working to try to make it better?  Is it worth breaking what you have to take advantage of new features?  In this case study, Scott Dulecki will go through that process with one of the products he's responsible for at BravePoint.  Bloody crime scenes, admission of guilt, second-guessing your actions, deciding just how far to go on the quest for perfection... it's all there.

2) What's this user doing? - Ben Holmes, Eaton Corporation
The phone rings.  "The system is really slow.  Can you speed it up?"  Sure... just wave your magic wand and away you go.  But there are some tools available that can actually help identify just who or what is the source of the problem, and in this session, Ben Holmes is going to dig deep and show you some things you may not have seen before.

3) Intro to Progress Communities, Your New PUG Home
Progress has expanded its Communities area to support PUGs more easily, and in this session, we will take a look through what's now available as a means of communicating PUG info and events.  We think you'll be pleased... so come find out what's new!