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Spring 2017 WMPUG Meeting

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The Spring WMPUG meeting will be Thursday, April 20, 2017 from 1PM to 5PM Eastern at Gordon Foods Corporate HQ (1300 Gezon Parkway SW Wyoming, MI 49509).  And we have already got some great sessions lined up for you!

Software Configuration Management Primer - Michael Solomon, Roundtable Software; Jaclyn Barnard, Roundtable Software.  Every day, more projects.  More code to be developed, managed, stored, and… shoot!  That code change we rolled out last week is having some… interesting side effects.  Can we reverse it and try again? There are a lot of ways to manage all of development work your team does, but are you set up to win?  Or just to get by?  In this session, we’ll walk you through a software configuration management (SCM) litmus test to see how well your team manages today’s problems so they don’t show up and cost you again tomorrow.  You’ll know how to measure how just “getting by” costs you and how you can get ahead with the right practices and tools.

How Heroes Navigate the Query Minefield - James Palmer, Principal Logistics Technologies.  "The system's slow!  Fix it!"  Everyone who supports an end user of any kind has heard those words before... but just what do "system" and "slow" mean?  And how exactly are you supposed to figure out what to fix?  In this session, James is going to show multiple ways to dig down to find out just who the culprit is and what he's doing to cause such problems.  And of course, the next step is to fix it to stop those problems in the first place!

promon for Dummies & Geniuses - Dan Foreman, White Star Software. The promon utility has several menu levels and each one is more mysterious and has less documentation than the previous one.  This presentation will take you on a tour of promon from top to bottom and will identify what screens and metrics are valuable and those that are not.he presenter, Dan Foreman, has used Progress since 1984 and has authored publications that give more in-depth information about promon than can be found in the standard Progress documentation.

So mark the date on your calendar for another round of good and useful information!

  • Thank you all for having us with you.  If you have any follow-up questions for me or Michael Solomon, do not hesitate to contact us.  This also includes constructive feedback about the demo.  We want to improve our processes for you and for others.

    email: jaclyn.barnard@roundtable-software.com

    linkedin: www.linkedin.com/.../

    website: www.roundtable-software.com (check out blogs)

    youtube: www.youtube.com/RoundtableSoftware (check out quick tip videos)

    I have posted our photos.  You will find them here.  No need to be a member of Facebook to see them.