The Winter WMPUG meeting will be on Thursday, 16 February.  It will be an afternoon meeting starting at 1PM, finishing up around 5.  

Note this will be at Royal's Corporate Grove facility, not where we've met in the past.  The address is:

  2905 Corporate Grove Dr Hudsonville

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1) Multitenancy - Richard Shulman will go over the concepts and reasons for Multi-Tenancy and then bring it to life.  He’ll set up Multi-Tenancy with the Sports database and show how to configure tenants, log in, enter data, and retrieve data… just like you’ll want to do in your own environment. - Richard Shulman, Progress

2) OpenEdge Roadmap - Come hear about the future direction of OpenEdge, with a recap of what is coming in OpenEdge 11.7 (target March 2017) and also an eye towards new features being considered over the next 2 years. - Rob Straight, Progress

3) Tomorrow's UI Today: Leveraging Telerik from the ABL – during this presentation you will learn how you can present a new user interface to your users taking advantage of the .NET, web and mobile UI tools available from Telerik with your existing ABL back-end business objectsDan Mitchell, Progress