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Planning Next Meeting

  • Hello SEPUG Members!

    We are working to plan a meeting in the near future! We would like to get members feedback on what topics that are of interest to you and when is a good time to meet.

    Possible Topics may be:

    • DBA Day - 1 day DBA workshop
    • New Features of OpenEdge 11.6
    • Other (Suggestions)

    Meeting format:

    • 1 Day Workshop
    • Lunch meeting with 1 speaker (2 hours need to be allocated for meeting and travel time)
    • Evening meeting: Tuesday or Thursday evening: Suggested times are 5 - 7 or 6 - 8pm

    Would you be interested in having meeting in October/November/December? 

    Which week on the month? Week One, Week Two,Week Three, Week Four

    Location: Any Suggestions on Location??

    • Bravepoint Office in Atlanta
    • Cobb Area Near 75 North / 285
    • Other

    The last meeting we held at Bravepoint only had 2 attendees.

    There is a lot of time and effort that goes into these meetings so we really appreciate constructive feedback.

    Looking forward to hearing from our members to help us make the most out of this group!

  • Anyone interested in this topic?

    Why a UI/UX remodel is important to your business