A lot has taken place in regards to PUG Africa within the last few months, the new board settle in and started working on our way forward.

To have a quick look at a summary of what has happened:


  • The Board has gotten in contact with international speakers and got them to engage with PUG Africa, many more to come, but the current engaged speakers includes the likes of:

Mike Fechner                    – Consultingwerk                                                                            – Germany

Tjerk Coomans                  – Progress Software                                                                       – Belgium

Gilles Querret                   – Independent Computer Software Professional             – France

Paul Koufalis                     – White Star Software                                                                   – Canada

Tom Bascom                      – White Star Software                                                                   – USA

Peter Judge                        – Progress Software                                                                       – USA

Libor Laubacher                – Progress Software                                                                       – Netherlands


  • PUG Africa will send out a Survey within the next two weeks to better understand where the community currently are with their Technology and what would be of most value.
  • It was decided to only have quarterly Face-to-Face PUG Africa events and a lot more frequent Webinars which you can attend wherever you are.