Gain hands-on experience at one of our half-day instructor led labs; 10th February in Rotterdam, 11th February in Duffel.


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These instructor-led technical session are designed to empower and education you and your peers in an informal environment. Designed with input from our Product Engineering teams, these sessions will demonstrate the power of OpenEdge 11.5!

As the business environment changes, application developers must respond. Whether deployed on-premise, on a mobile device, or in the cloud accessed through a webclient, the Progress OpenEdge integrated development environment keeps pace.

By attending one of these sessions you will:

  • Unified App Server; we will show you the power of our latest open server that allows you to have one instance for all of your products, massively improving performance!
  • Table Partitioning; allows you to design database layouts based on specific data values or ranges. Physically separating data into partitions improves performance, maintenance and data availability!
  • Mobile; "Write once, run anywhere" support for Mobile App Development and deployment. We will touch on the various capabilities in OpenEdge, Rollbase & Telerik!