Just 72 hours before your brain gets to expand with new Progress knowledge!

As a reminder, the topics for this Thursday are:

1) Multitenancy - Richard Shulman will go over the concepts and reasons for Multi-Tenancy and then bring it to life.  He’ll set up Multi-Tenancy with the Sports database and show how to configure tenants, log in, enter data, and retrieve data… just like you’ll want to do in your own environment. - Richard Shulman, Progress

2) OpenEdge Roadmap - Come hear about the future direction of OpenEdge, with a recap of what is coming in OpenEdge 11.7 (target March 2017) and also an eye towards new features being considered over the next 2 years. - Rob Straight, Progress

3) Tomorrow's UI Today: Leveraging Telerik from the ABL – during this presentation you will learn how you can present a new user interface to your users taking advantage of the .NET, web and mobile UI tools available from Telerik with your existing ABL back-end business objects - Dan Mitchell, Progress

We do need you to preregister so we can make sure we have sufficient food and beverages available.  You can do that here: