On Wednesday, July 30, the Michigan Progress Users Group and West Michigan Progress Users Group will meet in the middle for our annual summer meeting and golf outing.  For the first time, we will meet and (optionally) golf together!

We will be at the Timber Ridge Golf Club (16339 Park Lake Road, East Lansing, MI 48823, www.golftimberridge.com).  Located off I-69 just east of Lansing, it's easily accessible from both sides of the state.


8:00 - Registration
8:30 - Meeting starts
12:00 - Lunch
12:45 - Golf (Optional)

Costs are as follows:

  • Preregister by 24 July - $15 members, $35 non-members for meeting and golf
  • After 24 July - $20 members, $40 non-members
  • Date of meeting - $30 members, $60 non-members

Be sure to preregister to get in on the drawing for this meeting's gadget!


  • Bringing Code to the 21st Century (Scott Dulecki, BravePoint)
    • You developed a program to fill a need. It expanded to a second program, then a third, and soon you had an application. And it works well... does what you want. Life's good, only... Progress has changed. Evolved. Added things that, if they were available way back when, would have let those programs run a little bit faster, be a little bit more bulletproof, be a little more effective. Should you tinker with something that's working to try to make it better? Is it worth breaking what you have to take advantage of new features? In this case study, Scott Dulecki will go through that process with one of the QAD-related products he's responsible for at BravePoint. Bloody crime scenes, admission of guilt, second-guessing your actions, deciding just how far to go on the quest for perfection... it's all there.
  • What's this user doing?  (Ben Holmes, Eaton)
    • The system's slow again... the phone's ringing, and someone wants you to magically figure out just what's going on, and who's responsible.  Sure... you'll wave your magic wand and suddenly, you'll know everything.  But wait... what if you can?  In this session Ben Holmes will look at some of the tools available in standard Progress to do just that, using the Client Request Statement Cache to link runtime behavior problems with the code responsible.
  • Welcome to the Progress Community (Holmes/Dulecki)
    • Progress Communities has just introduced a PUG area, and we're going to start using that to communicate with all our MPUG and WMPUG members.  In this session, Scott and Ben will show you how to get to the site, get registered, and some of the things you can now take advantage of.  And it's free... what more could you ask?

DATE: 7/30/2014 (Wed 8:00AM - 5:00PM)

LOCATION: Timber Ridge Golf Club Lansing, MI

REGISTER:  http://www.signupgenius.com/go/409094ca4af2eaa8-mpugwmpug