**Note: This event starts at 12:45 PM.  The Communities registration form may switch for daylight savings and try to claim 11:45, but it's 12:45**

Lookee there!  The Fall MPUG meeting is sneaking up!

This meeting will be held at Meridian Health Plan's offices in Detroit.  Registration is mandatory... their security policies require everyone be on the list ahead of time.  If you're not on the list, you'll have to go down the street for a coney instead.

19 October 2016, 12:45 to 5PM


  1. OpenEdge Replication Technologies 
    Data Replication can solve many business problems and OpenEdge has the technologies to help out. This session will talk about the business problems people face today and what technologies are available to make a sustainable solution.
  2. Proper care and feeding of an index
    The core of Progress is the database and the core of accessing the database are its indices. Knowing the in's and out's of the DB engine index rules can make or break an application's performance. With the increase in dynamic programming models, the ability to properly select indices and , more importantly, prove which ones are being used is paramount.

    From the COMPILE listing to the INDEX-INFORMATION method to new OpenEdge 10 logging features, learn how to predict and prove index usage and take back control of your applications. Attendees are guaranteed to leave this session with long held beliefs challenged and a new, more accurate understanding of OpenEdge index behaviour.

  3. ProTop: The Best OpenEdge Monitoring Dashboard in the Galaxy
    The ability to resolve issues quickly is important, but proactive notification is better: This session will show you how the ProTop web and mobile dashboards give you an at-a-glance view of the status of all your monitored resources and how the ProTop Monitoring and Alerting Service warns you of impending problems before they affect your critical business systems. Whether on a computer, phone or tablet, use the ProTop dashboard to quickly scroll through all the color-coded notifications for your monitored resources, or focus on the critical alerts of one specific database.

     You'll also learn how to leverage our online graphing portal during your investigations. With its ability to instantly zoom in on a specific time period and show a coordinated view of multiple graphs and metrics, the graphing dashboard allows you to quickly link cause and effect across varied data series. You?ll also see how the graphing dashboard can help you grasp the big picture over weeks and months, simplifying your planning and budgeting cycle.

     Do you have your own customers to support? Come see how you can leverage the ProTop suite of tools to provide unparalleled service to your new and existing customers. With its instant insight and proactive alerting, ProTop pays for itself in time saved by your already over-committed technical experts.

Be sure to arrive a little early to find parking... apparently, lots of people like to park downtown.

Register below.  And remember... registration is mandatory for this meeting!