We are happy to let you know that in collaboration with PROGRESS soft. corp, we are organizing OpenEdge at OE BootCamp2 2015 India. 

Below is the agenda -
Day 1 (10 AM – 5 PM)

1.       Welcome and Introduction

2.       New features in OpenEdge 11

a.       OpenEdge Management

b.      OpenEdge Replication

c.       OpenEdge Transparent Data Encryption

d.      OpenEdge Auditing

e.      OpenEdge Security

f.        Database Performance Improvement

g.       New Platform supported

3.       Integration with Pacific Rollbase and DataDirect Cloud

4.       OpenEdge Mobile Introduction

5.       Corticon for OpenEdge Introduction

6.       Overview of Modernization


Day 2 (10 AM – 5 PM)

1.       What’s New in OpenEdge 11.4

2.       OpenEdge Roadmap

3.       OpenEdge Table Partitioning in OpenEdge 11.4

4.       Describe Progress OpenEdge table partitioning.

a.       Create new partitioned tables.

b.      Partition existing tables.

c.       Manage partitions.

d.      Maintain indexes.

e.      Gathering statistics for partitioned tables and indexes.

When   – 12th & 13th Sept 2015

To find out more details and register for the same, please visit - www.pugindia.org