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PUG Challenge/Exchange 2017 agenda is live!

  • We had a record number of proposals to review so it took a lot longer than we wanted to narrow the field.  But the agenda for PUG Challenge 2017 is now live!

    Register now for North America's largest and most exciting OpenEdge focused face to face technical event:
    June 4-7 in Manchester NH!

    Tom Bascom

  • This one in particular sounds really interesting.  ;-)

    407: A dash around the table
    Julian Lyndon-Smith, nodeable.io

    Do you want to make your existing openedge product sexier ? 

    Do you want to provide state of the art, cutting-edge features without having to rewrite the entire app ? 

    Then you should attend this presentation! "A dash" takes you through a real-life development process of integrating Roundtable, a well-established 4GL application, with several external systems and services, including Node.js, Solr and Graphana 

    Learn how to integrate Openedge with these technologies, what tools we used and why!