A Special Invitation:

CTO Perspective on What’s Next for SOA, BPM


Hub Vandervoort - Progress Software
Chief Technology Officer,SOA Infrastructure Products 

"Responsive Process Management: 

Bringing SOA to A Boardroom Near You"

July 29th Online - Thursday (10am PT // 1pm ET)


Online Event


" SOA and BPM projects have delivered many benefits yet IT and Business Managers are asking for more. If this sounds like what you’ve been thinking, this special online event is for you. "

Vance McCarthy IDN Content Director

Attend and learn how the ‘operational view’ of the company set the stages for a new level of understanding and a powerful ability to respond to any occurrence – even in real time.

  • Add intelligence to your business systems -- without coding or configuration.
  • Quickly detect, diagnose, and react to problems -- before the business is impacted.
  • See business in 3D, provide managers complete end-to-end visibility in real-time
  • Ensure SLAs, transaction integrity, and customer experience.
  • Understand all your process and data inter-relationships to make better decisions
  • Sense and Respond to changing conditions with full information and Control Tower tools


Responsive Process Management: 
Bringing SOA to A Boardroom Near You

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