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How can I export an txt file?


How can I export an txt file?

  • Hello everybody, I need your help!

    Let me explain you..

    I'm almost new in progress software, by the way I'm working with WebSpeed technology.

    But for this time I'm developing a process that create a TXT file, I finish with that, but now I need to up load that file into an other server directory beacuse that TXT will be reading by other aplication that will create a report.

    The question is, what can I do, to make an export with that txt file and put it on the other server? I mean like a FTP transfer! or a simple copy-paste  action!

    How can i do that?

    Please help me, please!!!

    Or someone knows about a person o comunnity that can help me?

  • ****************************************************************************

    ESP **********************************************************************


    Si te vas por la opcion de mover archivos via FTP has lo siguiente:

    1.-Crea el archivo


    user tuUsuario tuPassword

    lcd c:\aquiEstaMiTXT

    cd c:\aquiQuieroGrabarMiTXT


    PUT "c:\aquiEstaMiTXT\miTXTarchivo01.txt"

                   PUT "c:\aquiEstaMiTXT\miTXTarchivo02.txt"


    2.-Crea el archivo


                  ftp -i -n -d nombreSRVdestino

    3.- Ejecuta el archivo ctrl.bat desde un .p de Progress


    ENG *********************************************************************


    If you choose move the TXT using FTP, do the next:

    1.- Create the file


                   user myUser myPassword

                   lcd c:\sourceDir

                   cd c:\targerDir


                   PUT "c:\sourceDir\myTXTfile01.txt"

                   PUT "c:\sourceDir\myTXTfile02.txt"


    2.- Create the file


                   ftp -i -n -d targetSRVname

    3.- execute the ctrl.bat since a Progress .p