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Progress 9.1D driver complains of Syntax error....


Progress 9.1D driver complains of Syntax error....

  • I apologize if this is not the correct place to ask this question but I can't seem to find a better place.

    I have a crystal reports query that works on one computer and not on another. same driver and software. The driver is PGPRO915.DLL version 03.60.0000

    Crystal reports 8.5 running on XP. I can't think of a reason a query would work fine on one computer and not another. They are accessing the same server same DB with the same report and query. I've tested on 3 computers, 1 works 2 do not.

    Any ideas or even just a suggestion of a direction to look? any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thank you.

  • Check odbc settings on all 3 computers + compare

  • The configuration settings in: Administrative Tools -> Data Sources (ODBC) -> System DSN is setup exactly the same on the computers. Is there another place I should be looking as well?

  • What error are you getting? And is the same error on both non-working PC's?

  • ODBC error: [DataDirect-Technologies][ODBC PROGRESS driver][PROGRESS]Syntax error (7587)

  • You can go back into odbc admin and TEST from each PC. Could be a permissions thing - or firewall on the server blocking 2 of the pc's in question.

    You would be able to confirm this from odbc admin on each/ (pass/fail)

  • If I do a test connect, it says "Connection Established". If I open crystal reports and log into the database it pulls up the tables. Its connecting, its just being dumb when it sends the query for some reason.

  • Ok let's look at this another way - has this report been running fine from all 3 stations until just recently?

    Aka what changed to make it stop working?

  • This was not working before. The two machines that are not working are new installs.

  • From the progress KB - re error 7587

    "Crystal Reports 9 requires Registry update for Outer Joins"

    So could be that you need to export the reg settings from the working machine and import to the nonworking machines

  • tried that article and it was a no go but i am about to go to the working machine and try to export the reg settings

  • Ok just because I hate it when people ask questions and solve it and never go back to their post to update it and say solved, here is the resolution. And yes I will credit Rob with 99.99% of the solution. I had to do some additional digging but essentially his last remark got me to where i needed to be.

    Apparently the version of my driver installed its registry settings in a different location. Instead of it being at:
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Crystal Decisions\9.0\Crystal Reports\Database\QueryBuilder\JoinBuilder]

    it was at:

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Seagate Software\Crystal Reports\DatabaseOptions\OuterJoin]

    This was the reg file that needed to be added.

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Seagate Software\Crystal Reports\DatabaseOptions\OuterJoin]
    "Informix"="QEINF506, QEINF507,  qeinf509, qeinf709, crinf506, crinf507, crinf509, crinf709, crinf11, crinf12, ivinf506, ivinf507, ivinf509, ivinf709, ixinf709, generic_inf7, ivinf11, ivinf12, sginf12"
    "StarEqual"="sqlsrv32, sqlsrvr, qess03, qedbf03, qetxt03, qexls03, crss03, crdbf03, crtxt03, crxls03, qepdx03, QMDBF03, crtxt04, crxls04, crss04, QEIDP06, QEBTR06, crsyb04, crsyb07, crsyb08, crsyb09, crsyb11, crsyb12, SYIQNT, syiqnt, ivtxt12, ivsyb12,crdbm07, crdb207, crdb209, crdb211, crdb212, crxls507, crxls07, crss07, crtxt07, codrv16, _odrv16, codrv32, sysyb, sysybw3, sysyb95, sysybnt, qesyb06, qess07, qess04, qesyb04, qesyb07, gppdx06, qess06, qebtr09, qmdbf06, ivdb212"
    "Sql2OuterJoin"="wsqlodbc, simba, odbcjt16, odbcjt32, oddp, odtss, osiris, wod40w, wod40t, wod50w, wod50t, vfpodbc, sqrdb, sqrdb32, dmbbx, crwbw, n32odbc, qbodbc, qbodbc32, Blint04, IVOING09, enhodbc3, cwbodbc, db2cli, TDATA32"
    "PlusEqual"="crora07,cror707,cror709,cror711, cror712, crxql07,  vsorac32, Relativity, crgup07, qeor706, crgup09, crgup11, crgup12, sqora_73, sqo32_73, oplodbc, w32btint, ivor709, lldriver, dhodbc, polite, sqrdb, sqrdb32, ivor711, qmss04, sqora73,sqora7, sqora71, sqora, sqo32_72, ivor712, sgor712, sqora73n, pgpro915"
    "OpenIngres"="oplodbc, oplodb32"
    "AccessDriver"="odbcjt16, odbcjt32, qbodbc, qbodbc32, cwbodbc"

    Thank you for the help Rob! You really saved me today. Thank you.

  • nice fix!

    glad you got it working and happy to steer you in the right direction.