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Prorest taking more time now.


Prorest taking more time now.

  • How much time prorest utility should ideally take to restore a backup volume of 2GB? I am using Openedge 10.2a. It was taking 2 minutes on an average earlier but now it is taking 3-4 minutes.

  • There are so many factors that may influence this... Disk fragmentation may be one of them.

  • What has changed, if anything? Restoring at a different time of day? Perhaps restoring in peak time now where before was idle time?

    Give as much detail as possible.

  • Could you please tell the other reasons also? And Ideally how much time prorest should take to restore a backup volume of 2 GB if every thing is ok? 

  • What kind of hardware do you have? What kind of disks especially.

    Any network involved during prorest?

    You need to provide details if you want others to help you.

  • A reputable DBA sitting accross me right now says that on well maintained modern hardware restoring 2 GB should only take few seconds.

  • I was not aware that there are reputable DBA's.

  • That's true

  • This could also be impacted by the way you probkup the source database.  If it is a probkup online or probkup -norecover then you are also backing up the BI file.  If the BI has grown recently, e.g. due to long-running transactions, then that could result in a larger backup file and longer restore time.

    Has the size of your backup files increased in the same timeframe as the prorest slowdown?  Also, have a look at the system.  Are any new/large batch batch jobs or cron jobs running during the prorest window?  Is the DB on shared storage like a SAN or NAS, where some other application's or server's workload could impact performance?