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Google maps API

  • Hi Guys,

    I want to put a map on a GUI screen with different color pins for loads to be moved and trucks available.

    Years ago I used shdocvw.dll as an OCX (internet explorere as an OCX) to put a browser on a GUI screen.

    This seems to be no longer working. Anybody has a suggestion what I can use for an ocx to put a browser on a classic GUI screen.

    Also I thinking of using the google static maps API. Anybody has experience with this and can give me some feedback. 

  • Are you planning on paying to use the API? As far as I remember Google Maps are only free if your application is available for free to all. Otherwise you have to pay a pretty hefty license cost. Things could have changed, but in the end we ended up not putting it in the product as it was too expensive.

  • When I looked at pricing it depended on the API you use. The google maps embed API has unlimited free usage. The google static maps API has 25000 free loads per day. These are the 2 API's we are choosing between.