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RSA Algorithm Implementation in Webspeed


RSA Algorithm Implementation in Webspeed

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Hi All,


Current Scenario: We have webSpeed application where password is stored in a plain text in Browser dev tools.

Changes Required: We have a requirement that this password at client side should be stored in an encrypted form to avoid the security breach. Currently we are having http request for this application and I am looking for a RSA algorithm like in any other languages to encrypt this password with RSA public key at client side and then decrypt the password at server side using RSA private key. I have searched a lot for this but I didn't find anything to implement RSA in openedge, whereas I found SSL implementation as an alternative of RSA algorithm. Can anyone help me on this to provide any solution other than SSL implementation?

Thanks & Regards,

Ajay Dhyani,

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  • Don't store the password on the client side.  Seriously.

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