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Ontario PUG "DBA Day" is happening Sept 29, 2015!


Ontario PUG "DBA Day" is happening Sept 29, 2015!

  • Ontario PUG Fall 2015 - “DBA Day” Sept 29, 2015!

    The Ontario PUG “DBA Day” is back! The Ontario PUG is bringing in the Progress community’s top DB talent on-site to present on topics of interest to you. Our speakers include Rich Banville and  Mike Furgal of Progress Software, Tom Bascom of DB Appraise, with the end-user community represented by Rob Fitzpatrick of Strategic Information Technology Ltd.

    The meeting will once again be held at the iconic Old Mill Inn and Spa in Toronto Ontario, and we anticipate another meeting that past attendees have called “The best meeting they’ve ever been to.”

    If you derived value from past “DBA Days”, then you need to be here on Sept 29, 2015! If you have any DBA questions - we’ll have answers! If you’re new to Progress and want to learn more about what this environment is all about - this is the place to be!

    The meeting is available to both on-site and remote attendees, and all charges are in Canadian dollars which makes the meeting even more cost-effective for attendees who make their income in USD or Euros due to a favorable exchange rate.

    Regular price tickets are available through Thursday, Sept 24, 2015, after which prices go up.

    You can find all the juicy details at the meeting registration page:


    I hope this email finds you in good health, and I look forward to seeing everyone at the Ontario PUG DBA Day on Sept 29!

    Tim Kuehn

    Ontario PUG President


    Alternate Buffer Pool: Theory and Practice

    Rob Fitzpatrick - SIT DBA

    The Alternate Buffer Pool (ABP) is an important performance enhancement added to the OpenEdge database in version 10.2B. This session will explain the theory behind why use of the ABP can potentially improve database read throughput and application performance, provide practical guidance on what to assign to the ABP, options for assignment, and how to size the -B2 broker parameter, highlight the "gotchas" in some OpenEdge releases and how to work around them, and explain which promon metrics to use for effective monitoring.

    When Disaster Strikes

    Rich Banville - Progress Software - Fellow and DB Engine Engineer

    Dealing with database corruption - there many different types of corruption and approaches to fixing them, and the first time most DBAs encounter these scenarios is when they are in a real-life panic situation. Don't be that DBA - come to this session - first to learn about ways to prepare for and prevent database corruption and second to learn how to detect and resolve many corruption scenarios.

    Day by Day DBA

    Mike Furgal - Progress Software - DBA Services

    Being a Database Administrator (DBA) means keeping the application up and healthy with maximum performance and no unscheduled downtime Accomplishing this goal requires the DBA to conduct regular, periodic activities to keep things running  smoothly. This presentation will make suggestions for things to check on a weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, and will provide you with a checklist you can use to ensure that you are covering all your database's needs.

    Tom's Top Tips

    Tom Bascom - White Star Software / DB Appraise

    A lot has happened in the performance world in the last last few years.  Check in and see what has changed and what hasn’t.  You will walk away with a fresh perspective on performance and some great ideas to try out as soon as you get back to your desk!

  • Updated the meeting announcement with new information - check it out!

  • Today's the last day to get the "regular price" admission to the Ontario PUG DBA Day - so don't delay! Get thee hence to ontariopugfall2015.eventbrite.ca and sign up now!