Worked with Progress since version 6 to version 11 on mostly UNIX/Linux platforms with both Webspeed/Other to Progress AppServer/Home Brewed architectures.

Have worked in the service provider industry with “Dispatch-1” and other apps, mortgage industry with “Lakewood” and “ARC” packages, healthcare insurance with Meridian and The JI Companies, Manufacturing with “Job Shop” heavy equipment oriented software, as well as a lot of integration of Progress apps to the outside world apps. The resume details more as they are NOT the only apps I have worked with.

Remote Work means my skills become available to you if your not in the Flint, MI area. All I need to work directly on your system is VPN access or a work PC with VPN access and a few phone numbers. No building cost, parking structure, or other expenses.  Else, I can set up Progress on a Linux or Windows environment and we can transfer code.

I am not just a Progress only programmer – also have skills with C, C++, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2 (via DB2 oriented C library), and Oracle (via ODBC and JDBC interfaces.) Some real light Java via TomCat and such.

With those skills I am very familiar with integration programming that has no user interface allowing shuttling of data between apps both internal to the company and external to the company.

I can work as an employee or as a contractor. If as a contractor it will be via my corporation Amduus Information Works, Inc. and would need to be paid each week (2% discount if paid early.)

My resume is available at for more information. The resume has my contact information, experiences and where to find sample code and some presentation information.

My is with recommendations and more sample work.