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  • Worked with Progress since version 6 to version 10 on mostly UNIX/Linux platforms with both Webspeed/Other to Progress AppServer/Home Brewed architectures. Have worked in the service provider industry with “Dispatch-1” and other apps, Mortgage industry with “Lakewood” and “ARC” packages, Manufacturing with “Job Shop” heavy equipment oriented software, as well as a lot of integration of Progress apps to the outside world apps. The resume details more as they are NOT the only apps I have worked with.

    Remote Work means my skills become available to you if your not in the Flint, MI area. All I need is VPN access or a work PC with VPN access and a few phone numbers. No building cost, parking structure, or other expenses.

    Not just a Progress only programmer – also have skills with C, C++, PHP, MySQL, PostgreSQL, DB2 (via DB2 oriented C library), and Oracle (via ODBC and JDBC interfaces.) Some real light Java via TomCat and such.

    With those skills I am very familiar with “headless” programming that has no user interface allowing shuttling of data between apps both internal to the company and external to the company.

    I can work as an employee or as a contractor. If as a contractor it will be via my Class C Corporation Amduus Information Works, Inc. and would need to be paid at the thirty day mark (2% discount if paid early.)

    My resume is available at http://www.amduus.com/Resumes/ for more information. The resume has my contact information, experiences and where to find sample code and some presentation information.

    My LinkedIn.com is https://www.linkedin.com/in/scottauge/ with recommendations and more sample work.

    Scott Augé
    Amduus Information Works, Inc.
    Technical Services for Business and Government

  • Do you have all of the below?


    Description: Modernization of existing legacy systems using REST calls to business logic on the back end. Combining 2 legacy systems on back end.


    JOB TITLE: Progress Developer   Job Overview: Senior level with OO, REST, ProDatasets and OERA knowledge    

    Jay Kernes
    Certec Consulting, inc
    866-423-7832, Fax 888-523-7832