Hi All,

My name is Ab Himmit and I'm an independent IT specialist with more than 25 years of IT experience in all kind of business areas.

Last 15 years I have developed a special knowledge of Intermodal Logistics. Have worked for International logistics companies. These companies all have been using a TMS system fully developed with progress. My first implementation of this system was in a 3tiers environment, with an AS400 holding the database. I have also done some progress development around this system in order to extend the functionality towards EDI, reporting and other solutions. Last Year I have done a three weeks course of progress, with this knowledge I have developed a client server application, and currently I'm developing a REST application using progress as the back end system, and my own tool as the client.

I like to find a company that will give me the possibility to acquire some development experience in using progress. In regards to my hourly rates, I'm sure we can get to an agreement. All I want is to get some experience developing in progress and working with other progress specialist. I not all that new with Progress, as I said before I have been working with a progress TMS system for more than 15 years.

Thanks for your help and best regards.