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  • I am an OpenEdge Developer  with 25 years experience in Progress technologies.

    I am looking for a new chellange in any place in the world. I am EU citizen and I speak English.

    Krzysztof Zambrzycki

  • Hello,

    Will you consider relocating, or "in any place in the world" means just remote working ?


  • Hi Piotr,

    I accept both,  option that needs relocating and option with remote. I have no problem with moving to any other town or country. MIxed form of cooperations is also possibel - for instance part of time at employer premises and part time at home.


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  • Sorry for spamming :( Does anybody know how to send private message here ?

  • I think putting your email address in your profile and referring future contact to that email address would be an idea.

    Personally, I am not sure if the unsubscribe from techfolk is his/her wishing to leave the group (wrong way to do it) or asking you to.  If he is asking you to, well, he can ask.  I wouldn't do it though.

    I think putting out a feeler and then continuing by email is better because both sides might learn something about hiring without it being stored here.  :)

    Scott Augé
    Amduus Information Works, Inc.
    Technical Services for Business and Government

  • Hi All-

    Piotr -- you are not spamming, no worries.  If you would like to send a private message, simply mouse over the person's username and click the "Send a private message" link.

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  • Edward - thank you :) I was clicking on the name too fast and this option never appeared...