We write medical software (both practice management and clinical) and are looking for someone with good Progress skills who prefers to work with business logic, reports, and interfacing with other systems (as opposed to user interfaces).  Some experience with socket programming in C is preferred.  Ideally, you would have wide experience with medical billing and had extensive medical knowledge and experience with electronic health record regulations.  (Well, it would be ideal, but we're not seriously expecting that ...) 

This is the kind of position that will take several years to get comfortable in - there is a huge amount to learn, even for the best programmer  - we interface with at least 25 other systems to exchange billing, demographic, and medical data, using .CSV, XML, web services, sockets, sftp, and more. Therefore we're looking for someone interested in a long term, career type of position.  You need to be willing to be physically located near Tinton Falls, NJ, or Roseburg, OR; working offsite is not an option.

The ideal candidate would enjoy working closely with a group (think pair programming and code review), be meticulous and detail oriented, be able to communicate well in written form, have a 4 year degree in computer science/software engineering, or a related field (some flexibility here), be a legal US resident, and be able to pass a background check with an absolutely clean report  (no flexibility here).

Please contact us at adisney@practice-alt.com


Great Valley Technologies, LLC

Practice Alternatives, Inc.