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Infor-Hiring a Progress DBA-Work from Home

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Infor-Hiring a Progress DBA-Work from Home

  • SUMMARY: We are looking for a seasoned Progress-Open Edge DBA. The successful candidate will have very strong problem solving and project management skills. Experience with other database management systems such as Oracle or SQL Server is desirable. JOB RESPONSIBILITIES: • Progress database administration and tuning • Linux management and tuning • Assist with other DBMS/OS management tasks. • Disaster Recovery planning • Design, document, maintain and develop our AWS infrastructure for Progress. EDUCATION & EXPERIENCE: • Bachelor of Science in computer science or related field REQUIRED SKILLS: • Strong problem solving skills • Ability to learn new technology quickly • The ability to work in a team • Strong project management skills • Work with larger databases • A detailed understanding of Progress and Linux. This includes backups, recovery and tuning • Shell scripting skills with Korn, Bash, Perl, Power Shell or other scripting language • Command line skills PREFERRED SKILLS & KNOWLEDGE: • Knowledge of Linux/Unix • Knowledge of another RDBMS like SQL Server or Oracle • Experience with Amazon Web services • Experience with storage systems
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