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Easyl forum - Email Notifications

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Easyl forum - Email Notifications

  • Hi all,

    With the launch of Easyl we have added a new forum to our Community. It's available here.

    Some Community members reported they got email notifications without them asking for these.
    We are currently investigating this together with the vendor.
    In the meantime, a simple workaround is for you to go to that forum and switch the notification to OFF (see screenshot below)

  • There is more of an issue than just all of us got subscribed.  That happened even though I'm not a member of the Business Users group.

    Worst of all is that any link in the email notifications is invalid.  All of the links to get to see where this Forum is are invalid, the link to unsubscribe is invalid, and the link to see your subscriptions is invalid.  It leaves if very tough to even know where it came from.

    The bad text translation characters are there too in the emails, but that's minor.

  • By default, our Community platform sets notification to ON. We are looking into changing that behavior together with the vendor.

    For users that are getting these undesired notification emails, please go to community.progress.com/.../forumsubscriptions.aspx and set your notifications accordingly.