Throughout the community, you have many editing opportunities available to you. You can use either the plain text editor or the rich text editor. You can configure your experience to change the editor for all content areas by changing your site settings (click the gear under your name/avatar picture, go to the advanced options). 

The rich text editor includes a toolbar with a good number of editing options and an area into which you can add content.

  • Pressing Tab while in a table cell will take you to the next horizontal column cell or row.
  • Pressing Shift/Tab will create an outdent in numbered or bulleted lists.
  • When you create a link in the editor, it is automatically converted to a hyperlink. For example, if you enter "Google", it becomes a live link. The rich text editor utilizes Undo and Redo buttons in the GUI. (But the Ctrl+Z or Ctrl+Y keyboard shortcuts still work.)

Editor option Description
Format Set style of current line of text
Styles Use a preconfigured style, such as a wiki table or step detail.
Font Family Select the text font style.
Font Size Select the text font size.
 Select a text color.
 Align the text left, center, right, or justified.
 Toggle the editor between a full-screen view and normal view.
 Edit the contents via HTML.
 Unsaved content is saved in the browser every 30 seconds. If you navigate away from the page or lose your internet connection, you can click the life preserver icon to restore the content last entered into the editor (within the last 20 minutes).
  Bold-face, italicize, underline, or strike through selected text.
 Apply background highlight to the selected text.
 Apply bullets or numbered formatting to current line of text.
 Indent or outdent the current line of text
 Insert image.
 Insert video. Also inserts links to other media such as doc files.
 Paste text from a Microsoft Word document (does not support images at this time).
 Create or modify a link on the selected text.
 Insert a table.
 Insert an anchor.
 Insert or edit a horizontal rule line.
 Insert smiley face.
 Insert code using the SyntaxHighlighter.
 Undo an action.
 Redo an action.