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how to get here

  • not too long I had a post I wanted to put here, and could not find a way in until someone responded to a post here, and I got an email.

    How does a user get to this part of the forum? 

  • Hi Tim,

    You have a few options to reach our News and Feedback forum. Let me share these with you.

    From the Community main landing page you can either click on the banner button <Learn More> or under the <Quick Links> click on <About the Community>.
    Both will take you to this page where you can see a link to this forum

    From the Group main landing page, under <Group Quick Links> you can click on <News and feedback>

    Last but not least, in in the Community search box you type "News and Feedback" then hit return you'll the following result set with a direct link to the forum

    Hope it helps.