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Kill the chat

  • Is there a way to remove the "chat" box at the bottom right corner of the screen?  If there is I can't find it.

  • Chat is enabled or disabled for all users.  

    Users can the decide to set themselves online or offline by clicking the dot (green when online) in the chat box

  • Yes, I'm aware of that.  And if it went away and stayed away I wouldn't mind so much.  But I use this site on more than one device.  And when I log in on a mobile device where screen real estate is already at a premium, the chat window is there and has to be dismissed again.  It would be helpful to be able to minimize it once and have it stay that way until I decide otherwise (which I won't).

  • Hi Rob,

    I've reported the following 2 enhancement requests with the vendor:

    1. Users being able to enable/disable chat. If user has disabled chat then it is disabled on any device he may use.

    2. If user has set his chat offline on device-1, then when logging in on device-2 chat is also set to offline.

    Will keep you posted.

  • Hi Rob,

    Just to keep you and others updated based on the input/feedback we got from vendor. Apparently having community users being able to decide/choose to enabled/disabled chat is rather challenging due to the current design and implementation.

    When it comes to the second suggestion, vendor confirmed that chat presence preference (online/offline) is currently remembered locally. An enhancement request has been logged to address ensuring other clients get pushed the same state for these scenarios. Of course it needs to be approved but at least we will get the process going at minimum...