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"Last post" timestamps are wrong

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"Last post" timestamps are wrong

  • Near the top of the page https://community.progress.com/technicalusers/f/default.aspx, the five most recently-updated forums are shown in descending order of last post; at least it appears that is the intent.

    At this time the most recent post was in RDBMS today at 12:50 but the RDBMS forum is on the second page with a last update time of December 30.

  • Also, when I am in Technical Users home (community.progress.com/.../default.aspx), the post summaries shown under "Recent Forum Posts" don't say "<username> in <forum>", they say "<username> in Technical Users".  Given that I'm already in Technical Users, that isn't useful information.

  • Hi Rob,

    After 2 weeks off, I'm slowly getting up to date and finally reached that thread that has 2 different points. On your second point, I have asked our team to check if we could quickly tune/customize the widget per your suggestion which makes perfect sense. I should get an update quickly on that one and will let you know.

    With regards to the first point you made, the widget doesn't display the "most recently updated" but the "most viewed"... Your question triggered some sort of thinking on my side as apparently the first 2 most viewed threads look like to be ones we migrated from PSDN... I'm wondering if we shouldn't add some logic to filter out these old threads. What do you think?

  • Hi Rob,

    Sorry to ask but after re-reading this thread I got a bit confused about your first point.

    So rather than assuming let me ask: are you referring to this widget

    Or to the bottom one?


  • Neither, actually.  I was referring to the section of five forums directly below the four large buttons.  The columns are Forum, Posts, and Last Post.  Each has a directional arrow beside it, which usually indicates column sort ordering.  Based on behaviour this list appears to be sorted in order of the last column.  My point was that those dates don't match the forums' last post dates.

    In that list, OpenEdge RDBMS has sunk to the second page as its last post date is December 30.  If you go into the forum you will see that the last post was on January 3.  I note however that Paul's post had no replies; the last thread reply in that forum was on December 30.  Is the "Last Post" date in the UI actually the last reply date?

  • Thanks for the clarification. Now I see what you're referring to. This forum sorting is indeed using the "last reply date/time" to sort which means that each time a thread is created or an existing thread is updated then the sorting order is impacted.

  • I think sorting on last post would be preferable.  If a forum appears to be idle (no recent posts) then I have no reason to visit it.  A post without replies is likely an unanswered question, so the site should direct users' attention to it.

  • Any progress on this Jean?  New threads are not being reflected in the last post.  Only replies.  This seems like a significant oversite.

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  • Sorry for the dealy Thomas. We are looking into this issue, and will get back to you once we have identified the source of the problem.

  • Hi Thomas, Rob and others,

    After double-checking with the vendor, indeed the widget used to display all forums with their respective posts and new posts reflects posts and not new threads.

    We are looking if that widget could be eventually customized so it will include, under new posts both new posts and new threads.

  • Seems like a no brainer. A new thread *is* a new post, so they must actually be working hard to avoid including those.  I can't imagine anyone wanting it this way.

    Consulting in Model-Based Development, Transformation, and Object-Oriented Best Practice  http://www.cintegrity.com