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  • 1) I updated FF, and when it reload a Community page, it got this error message back:

    Identity Federation Error

    HTTP Status 500 Internal Server Error.

    Status code: 500
    URI: /oam/SSOPOST/metaAlias/External/psc-salesforce-idp
    Time: 16 Nov 2013 09:36:28.221
    Message: The SAML Request is invalid.

    I presume this has nothing to do with Starfleet? :)

    2) Even though I knew where it was, I had a dickens of a time finding my way to this sub-group. If it's possible, I'm thinking a singleton-style "communities" should be a sub-group of business and tech high-level groups. Or have prominent placement at the top of the chain. Ditto for "Product Enhancement" ideas.

    3) Performance seems good today. Hopefully that'll continue.

  • 1) Do you get that error on 1 specific page? or is it happening with all pages? Do you get that error when reloading only? 

    2) If I get it right, you'd like this forum to be easier to access/find, correct? Maybe a Quick Link option...

    As a possible option, have you tried to bookmark it? Not within your browser bookmarks but under "Member options"? By bookmarking it, it will then appear in your bookmarks accessible through the little icon next to "Log out"


    3) Thanks... 

  • 1) It only happened on one page - the other pages reloaded fine.

    2a) It's bookmarked - and I just found in my "home" page where it's linked, so I'll use that in the future.

    2b) All the top-level forums need to be clearly visible so when new users come in they'll see everything that's going on and can make informed choices as to where to go. Having to find the forum first and then bookmarking it isn't going to cut it. Right now when I go to community.progress.com, the "communities" section is no-where to be seen.

  • Right now when I go to community.progress.com, the "communities" section is no-where to be seen - which makes me wonder - what else am I not seeing?

  • About the Community in the right hand column.

    Consulting in Model-Based Development, Transformation, and Object-Oriented Best Practice  http://www.cintegrity.com

  • Hi Tim,

    For point-1, do you happen to have the URL of that page?

  • no - it was lost on the reload.

  • Hi Tim,

    Have you again experienced the "federation error"?

    I was advised by the vendor support team to clear cache and cookies and then try to load the page again next time you see this issue.

    Please keep us updated.


  • nothing so far - I'll let you know if I see it again.