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Hi Progress!! Please be proactive in monitoring and answering ppls questions!!!!

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Hi Progress!! Please be proactive in monitoring and answering ppls questions!!!!

  • I like Progress since 9.1B actually, but it was so terrible at that time for the poor forum support and questions we posted was never/seldom been answered, that why we left Progress to .Net out of no choice for large support community. what a shame to see this problem still exist today and noticed that other questions below was not answer as well.. This is certainly not a great strategy to attract and keep ppls who actually love Progress but not using Progress.

  • With the launch of this new Community, most/all Progress departments with technical resources committed to monitor and interact with users joining it. We have staff from engineering, product management, pre-sales, consulting and technical support daily looking after our forums... We also believe that some posted questions may be better answered by other users too... In other words, the larger this community becomes, the more answers we should all get...

    Do you have a specific thread for which you're expecting an answer?  

  • Thank you for your reply Jean. Seek for ur understanding tht i am not mean to criticize anyone. Since this community is new and so be expected it take time to buid. It will be great if some sort of policy in place for dedicated support team to answer those unanswer question within 1 or 2 days to keep this place lively. Yes, i hv a question posted yday about the integration of app developed and hosted by Rollbase with other third party applications.hope to get the architecture design of Rollbase more clearer. Thanks.

  • I think your key problem is having posted this under the Business Users section.  The integration question is really a technical users question.  This business users collection is really a new idea with this new forum format and I suspect there are very few people thus far following the business users topics.  There is a Rollbase forum on the Technical Users site and you might try posting it there.

    FWIW, it is not as if PSDN Communities has ever been the only resource for the OpenEdge community.  There is PEG, ProgressTalk, and OpenEdge Hive ... PEG in particular has been there for 20 years.

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  • We definitely value users input/feedback and more specifically when it highlights a possible problem as in my opinion, it's the only way for us to improve...

    I have just moved your question from the Business group to the Technical group within the Rollbase forum. It's now at community.progress.com/.../8530.aspx

    I'm sure someone will look into it and get back to you.

  • Appreciate much Jean for your prompt reply and action. my apology for posted in the wrong forum.. hope to get feedback asap before making strategy  decision to dive in further for shifting the development direction. thank you and good day. Thank you Thomas for your reply too.