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Group subscription

  • There are currently three groups to which one can subscribe, Business Users, Technical Users, Partners.

    I am interested in Technical Users / OpenEdge and another subgroup but can only subscribe to Technical Users. As a result all the Rollbase stuff is probably being shoveled in as well (or I don't understand the user interface).

  • Hi Stefan,

    You can subscribe at a group level like Business Users or Technical users group but you can also follow as many forums as you'd like. As an example, the Rollbase forum is available at 

    As youcan see under "Member Option" you can set your notifications as shown below

    Same goes for any our our forums.

    In such a way you'll get email notifications.

    Another way it to set your daily/weekly digest but that would provide you with a Group update opposed to following just 1 forum.

    To do so, on the top-right corner, just under your avatar picture there is a little gear. Click on that gear and you'll be able to change some of your settings.

    At the bottom of the the fourth tab-folder (email) you'll be able to set your digest.

    I hope it helps... If not please do not hesitate to contact me back.

  • Thanks - this seems to do the trick. The daily digest is for all forums within a group . I would have preferred a (daily) digest for the forums I choose.