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Community Monthly Open Discussion

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Community Monthly Open Discussion

  • Hi all, in case you haven't subscribed yet to our Online Events calendar, I'd like to remind you that tomorrow we'll have our Monthly Open Discussion about the Community. Details are available here.

  • Is this still going ahead?

  • Yes... Webex bridge is open and waiting for you

  • Details to join are available at

  • I don't have a Join button, Jean.

  • All links point to 26 February at 10:am Central US time.

    Consulting in Model-Based Development, Transformation, and Object-Oriented Best Practice

  • I've got this:   When it's time, join here

    so no join for me either.

  • The link to join is

  • I've had to dial in with no webex.

  • I'm at that link, still can't join.

    Do you need to approve me to join or something?

  • This is the info I'm seeing for that link:

    Meeting status:   Registration

     Starting date:   Wednesday, February 26, 2014

     Starting time:   5:00 pm, Europe Time (Amsterdam, GMT+01:00)

     Duration:   1 hour

     Host's name:   Progress Community

  • Jean is trying to get things working. But likely to reschedule.

  • Ok - I've got "music on hold" right now.

  • Reschedule confirmed.

  • "the leader has not yet arrived. please stand by".

    Is sitting allowed as a substitute? :)