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  • Stackoverflow is a Q&A site, it is not a discussion site like Communities is looking to be, so I vote "nay" on that idea. That technology has it's place, just not here.

  • I was more referring to the approach, design, usability of StackOverflow. Right now, on the Progress Communtiy Site, it's hard to find things.

  • Tim has a good point regarding the *purpose* of Stack Overflow being different but I completely agree with Lieven regarding usability -- SO has done a really good job on that front.

    Tom Bascom

  • Performance is dreadful.  I guess that's what happens when you buy in to .apsx -- but even so, it is just awful.  What sort of server is this?  Some virtualized and thin-provisioned Windows 2003 box with 512MB of RAM, 0.25 of a core and a RAID6 back-end?

    Tom Bascom

  • Underfed squirrels ...

    Consulting in Model-Based Development, Transformation, and Object-Oriented Best Practice

  • At my previous job I used aspx for 6 years and blaming it on Microsoft would be too easy. It's definitely made with .NET MVC I guess, which isn't bad. Testing the site with doesn't give really good results. The different pages are slower than 75% of all sites that were tested. Ok, it's not very objective, but still. It's not up to me to try to figure out why it is so slow. I don't think it's because there are millions of concurrent users consulting the progress community site. Maybe a Commodore 64 is used somewhere in the basement as server... ;-) . No, serious, I think it's still really slow. But that won't keep me from using this community website.

  • Hi Lieven, thanks for sharing with us that website/tool... I'll definitely use it and provide the outcome to our vendor... Thank you very much

  • I also noticed that when opening multiple tabs in Chrome for instance, the server can't handle it. It doesn't have any sockets left... It's as if I can only have a maximum of 5 (estimation) progress community site tabs open at once.

  • We have observed the same issue when opening multiple tabs in a browser.

    It has been reported to the vendor.