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  • I've been on this Progress Community Website now for about 10 minutes and already it just sparked my frustration... Responsiveness is way low, which isn't really a good advertisement for the technology used behind this community website. I can see aspx files are loaded, maybe with a Progress database behind it? Luckily webspeed hasn't been used.... Also been searching how the hell I can change my profile picture but haven't found that... That's like the main thing someone wants to do, customize his profile, starting with his picture...

    On the PUG Challenge I was kind off sparked, really, by the enthusiasm of the different people, but once behind my desk again, man, frustration is the main feeling again... Go and have a look at StackOverflow or other community websites, steal their ideas and make this community better.

    This Community Site is a good start, but really, have another look at the usability, the speed... have Progress developers from Bedford join some conversations. Have Progress developers from Bedford write some great application themselves and make them opensource so everybody can help developing some nice tools. Make something like Tour de Flex ( ), make lots of nice examples, and make sure that it's easy to find...

    Give people creating something like Datadigger an iPhone or whatever to show that their efforts are appreciated...


    I should stop now.

  • Still haven't found how to set a picture... I will continue my quest. Maybe I'll need to create a Support Case, upload my picture and ask Progress to set it for me...

  • I quite agree. It just took me 2 minutes to figure out how to reply to your post!!!  (I had not joined the technical conversation).

    My main issue is that we only see a few main questions on the front screen.  Every other question gets punted of into the distant pagination

    A forum with functionality like, or as suggested above Stackoverflow would be way better. I know it's early in this updated site life, but thought I'd better express my frustration too.  It definitely needs improvement.

    btw - you can update your profile pic by clicking on your own name in the profile section (top right), then choosing update profile, update avatar (further down the page).  Weird that it's not just in the settings section :o)

    Best Regards,

    Dave Walker

  • p.s. The front page of questions should at the very least say how many comments have been left on the post!

    Best Regards,

    Dave Walker

  • Hi all,

    If you have any suggestions for the Community, feel free to post an idea:



  • Man, did what you said (to update avatar), but I still had to do a search on the html page for 'avatar'. And only then did I find it!!!!

  • Thx by the way! I will give you some points ;-).

  • Fabrice, my suggestion is to just redo it from scratch.

  • hehe... I only just found the "FORUM" styled page - even though the big square at the top says forum... that's slightly better but could do with being the main support page as default.

    Fabrice - thanks.. might do a list :o)

    Best Regards,

    Dave Walker

  • Indeed, Fabrice, I'll also do a list. It's not that I don't want to be constructive or anything, but I just think you guys can do a much better job, really, come on.

  • Fabrice, please start by doing something about the speed and responsiveness... It's damn slow.

  • Hi there,

    As this thread is about the Community itself, I moved it to our Community News and Feedback forum available at that same forum you should also find some posts about changing your avatar, time-zone, display name...

    We are currently looking into the feedback we already gathered about our new Community as we are building our next phase for the community. We are also planning to run a monthly Community open discussions where all members will be able to join and discuss Community related topics and enhancements. So please report any of your suggestions in the Community Ideas at

    When it comes to performance, we already escalated this to our hosting company. We'll again raise that point to their attention and hopefully things will get better... 

  • Hey, totally agree with author about stackoverflow. I like that approach and as far as I know you can use their engine to build something similar.

  • Jean Richert, thx for moving it, but if I go to I can't find the thread... How do you go to the site root from ?

  • When you're on the Community landing page, to reach the forum dedicated to the Community you can either click the banner (learn more) or click the Quick Link "About the Community". Both will take you to where you should be able to see "Community News and Feedback"...