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Where is the forum to complain about the website?

This is what the kbase and communities look like on a 4k monitor:  

Can we hope that 2017 will bring better usage of screen real-estate?

Tom Bascom

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  • Why would anybody called "ChUi" care about the look of anything?

  • Oh oh oh I like this Scott Riley guy!

    Paul Koufalis
    White Star Software
    @oeDBA (

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  • Clean, simple, elegant and ever so functional!

    Tom Bascom

  • Hi Folks,

    We definitely have some improvements planned for 2017.  The big ticket items will be upgrading the platform to the most current version while also moving the platform on to a responsive theme.

    Generally I would post feedback re: the Community site in the Community News and Feedback forum, which is where I will be moving this post shortly.



  • I always envisioned you downloading forum posts using cURL and reading in vi... :-\

    Jeff Ledbetter
    Product Architect | Roundtable Software

  • Why download when you can use lynx?

  • I'm actually a microemacs kind of guy....

    Although it is sort of tempting to whip up a script I'm pretty sure that the site is not very friendly to that sort of thing.  If they cannot even use the available screen space effectively then I don't have much hope that simple CURL (or Lynx) access is going to go well.

    Tom Bascom

  • Life is so much better when you keep 1280x1024 monitors around. Hopefully you saved the receipt for the monitor :)

  • I've got an old 640x480 hanging around somewhere...  unless it is out on loan as the reference monitor for the community web site.

    Tom Bascom