Most real-world development environments at a minimum require some form of task management, bug tracking and source control. Being based on the Eclipse platform, OpenEdge Architect facilitates the optional use of any available third party plug-ins to provide complete integrated tooling for all aspects of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) from analysis and design, through development, testing, packaging and deployment.

This document explains how to configure a loaded Eclipse environment for doing distributed team development leveraging Mylyn task management, Subversion / SubClipse source control, Bugzilla bug tracking, ProRefactor refactoring, Enterprise Architect UML modeling and more. It then explains how to install OpenEdge Architect and Sonic Workbench into this loaded Eclipse environment to benefit from the advanced functionality whilst building and maintaining OpenEdge applications. (Nov 2007)

The described plug-ins are not recommended or supported by Progress in any way; they are merely one of many possible examples of plug-ins that work seamlessly together in a single integrated development environment. These plug-ins were used in my session at Progress Technology World in Brussels, September 2007 and the steps in the document were used to configure my demo environment. There will also be a recording of these plug-ins in action available on PSDN Online in the very near future. It is basically a version of the breakouts delivered a little slower with more explanation for what is going on.

Please bear in mind that this document is not designed to be read; it is designed as reference material to be used in order to configure your environment. You can pick and choose which of the plug-ins you wish to use and use the detailed steps in the document as a reference for how to install and configure things.

As a final note, please be aware that I am describing here a local demo environment and am therefore not concerned with security issues. You would need to review / modify these steps accordingly for a real development environment. I do include links to more detailed steps where appropriate.

Enjoy and good luck.

You can also play a webex recording of all this working - see: