FastBall: OpenEdge and Actional


Beginning with OpenEdge (OE) 10.2B, a number of OE components can now be monitored with Progress Actional Enterprise.  The interceptors for these components are already embedded in the products and disabled by default.  This initial session will walk through the steps required to enable Actional monitoring on various OE and Sonic components, but planned enhancements for this session will demonstrate various capabilities of the involved Progress products.


1.  A working knowledge of OE and standard components

2.  An installation of OE 10.2B with OE Architect and OE Appserver

3.  An instance of the Sports2000.db

4.  An instance of a state-free OE Appserver connected to the .db

5.  An installation and basic understanding of Sonic ESB 7.6 (or higher)

6.  Access to Actional 8.0.3 (or higher) Management Server and Agent installers (*_setup.exe)

7.  Optional: An installation of Apache Tomcat (version 6.0.20) for example of using installed interceptors


1.  Installation and basic configuration of Actional Management Server and Actional Agent

a.  Install Actional Management Server

b.  Install Actional Agent

c.  Complete installation

d.  Configure managed node

2.  Configure an OE database to be the external Actional database

a.  Prepare OE SQL environment

b.  Create OE database using prescribed database structure

c.  Create SQL user and grant privileges

d.  Create the Actional schema

3.  Enable Actional monitoring for the OE appserver, SonicMQ Adapter, Sonic Broker, Sonic ESB container

a.  Navigate to proper settings

4.  Instrument Apache Tomcat (if desired)

a.  Modify Catalina.bat file

b.  Start Apache TomCat

5.  Generate monitored traffic

6.  Review monitoring results in the Actional Management Server Administration Console

Recorded Demonstration:

OpenEdge and Actional Introduction-20091113 0356
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59 minutes
Introduction to Actional monitoring for OpenEdge components


The attached *.arf file can be played using the nbr2player.msi.

The fastball.doc is the overview with screen captures of expected results.

The *.p files are the OE procedures used in the demonstration

The *.xar file is the Sonic ESB export (including process, services, and endpoints) used in the demonstration.

Creating an OpenEdge Database for use with Actional.pdf






OpenEdge and Actional Introduction-20091113 0356.arf