You configure global subscription rules using the SMC. For each rule, you specify a topic pattern and a list of nodes to which the rule should be propagated.
Whether a broker is a forwarding node is set as a broker-wide property. This property applies to all global subscription rules defined for the broker.

Before you start configuring the Global Subscription Rules, make sure you already have the Dynamic Routing Architecture (DRA) set up between the brokers you want.

To define a global subscription rule:
1.    Expand the broker icon and expand its Routing icon.

2.    Right-click Global Subscriptions and select New Global Subscription Rule.

3.    In the Topic Pattern field, type a valid topic pattern.

4.    In the Nodes area, click Add. The Routing Nodes dialog box opens, displaying known routing definitions and #, representing all known nodes.

5.    Select the nodes to which you want the rule to propagate and click OK.

6.    When you are finished adding nodes, click OK, then click OK in the original dialog box to save the rule.

Below you'll find some screenshots of the steps to configure the Global Subscription Architecture:

A.    In this example you'll be creating a Global Subscription Rule from the MsgBroker4 to MsgBroker3. First step would be establishing the DRA (Dynamic Routing Architecture) connection on both brokers. Below you can see how to create the connection from MsgBroker3 to MsgBroker4 (tcp://localhost:2510).


B.    Below the sample configuration from MsgBroker4 to MsgBroker3 (tcp://localhost:2509).


C.    The next step in this configuration would be setting up the Global Subscription Rule from MsgBroker4. Follow the steps 1 to 6 in the beginning of this document to create it.


If you have security enabled brokers, you'll also need to configure Access Control List (ACL) for users from one node be able to route to the other node before you run any tests.

D.    To test this configuration, open the JMS Test Client, connect to both brokers, create a subscriber on MsgBroker4 for the topic TestTopic1, create a publisher on MsgBroker3 and publish a message to the topic TestTopic1. That message should be forwarded to MsgBroker4 according to the Global Subscription rule.

Publisher View on the JMS Test Client:


Subscriber View on the JMS Test Client: