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Where Is My Technical Training & Progress eLearning Community - PEC?

Where Is My Technical Training & Progress eLearning Community - PEC?

As an IT professional, you recognize the importance of building your technical skills and leveraging the power of your Progress-based applications to maintain your company’s competitive edge in the marketplace. The PEC enables technologists to work at peak productivity by making Progress award-winning eLearning available anytime and anywhere it is needed.  Anyone with access to a web browser can take the training which means that neither travel expense nor time out of work is incurred.

The Progress eLearning Community provides you with a choice of eLearning Libraries:

  • The OpenEdge eLearning Library with OpenEdge and Sonic Catalogs; $1500 USD (list price)
  • The Enterprise Infrastructure eLearning Library with Sonic and Actional Catalogs; $1000 USD (list price)

Prominent Features

  • Unlimited access to the entire Product curriculum in each Catalog for a 12-month subscription period
  • Access to all new or updated online courses posted throughout the subscription period
  • Ability to use as start-to-finish training
  • Ability to use as performance support training, accessing only the training you need then and there to do your job

The Progress eLearning Community consists of self-paced, interactive training products that offer learners a flexible, multimedia learning experience. Learners will learn OpenEdge, Sonic and/or Actional skills in a proven, simulated environment. Interactive instruction is reinforced with the opportunity to practice many tasks in a live version of the product.

The Progress eLearning Community contains two eLearning Libraries:

  • the OpenEdge eLearning Library consisting of the entire task-based OpenEdge (V9 and OE10) and Sonic curricula for one year for the low price of $1500 (list price); and,
  • the Enterprise Infrastructure eLearning Library, consisting of the entire task-based Sonic and Actional curricula for one year for the low price of $1000 (list price).  Once subscribed, your staff will have unlimited access to the latest online courses to take at their convenience.

The PEC has dual value for you and your staff.  With the entire curriculum available, sometimes you will need to take entire courses, start-to-finish.  Other times you will want to use the PEC as a just-in-time performance support tool.  Using the available Search capability, learners can access just the segment of training they need to enable them to do their job at that moment in time.

Studies have shown that trained personnel are much more productive and use more of a product’s features than untrained personnel. The PEC will enable your staff to be more productive, more up-to-date with the latest technology and more knowledgeable about your Progress products. This will enable them to develop the competitive applications you need to maintain and grow your business.

The Progress eLearning Community provides training in two forms:

  • Web-based Training (WBT) – These highly interactive, award-winning online courses are an effective training tool.
  • eBooks – Online versions of our self-paced, ILT titles, accompanied by downloadable exercise and example files.

To self register, please complete the following steps:

  1. Visit the Progress eLearning Community site.
  2. Select the Self Register option.
  3. Review the legal terms of an enrollment to the eLearning Library
  4. Complete the New User Registration page, selecting your choice of eLearning Library
  5. Progress Software will contact you to process your payment, if necessary, and then activate your subscription.
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