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Programming with the 4GL
Reporting/Business Intelligence
The Database
3rd Party Integration
Complementary Technologies
Development Tools

Programming with the 4GL

150: UnLOCK the Transaction Enigma — Paul Guggenheim, Paul Guggenheim & Associates, Inc.

176: Of Course it Will Take the Right Index. Oh... Why did it take that one? — Simon L. Prinsloo, Vidisolve
(PDF) 176_Of_Course_It_Will_Take_The_Right_Index.pdf

177: Identity Tracking Made Easy With the Client Principal — Simon L. Prinsloo, Vidisolve
(PDF) 177_IdentityTrackingMadeEasyWithTheClientPrincipal.pdf

189: Layers, Domains, and Separation of Concerns, Oh My! — Dr. Thomas Mercer-Hursh, Computing Integrity, Inc.
(PDF) 189_LayersSubsystemsSeparation_20150611.pdf

197: How Can I Fix That? Applied Use of ABL2DB on Real World Problems — Dr. Thomas Mercer-Hursh, Computing Integrity, Inc.
(PDF) 197_HowCanIFixThat_20150611.pdf

198: OOABL Events — Tim Kuehn, TDK Consulting Services Inc

210: OE Realm and Your Application's Authentication Process — Kumar Navneet, Mike Jacobs, Progress Software
(PowerPoint) 210_OE_Realm_Auth_Process.pptx

211: .Net from Progress Not GUI for .Net — Tom Bergman, Ovid Technologies

213: A New Object Model for WebSpeed and HTTP — Michael Banks, Dave Cleary, Progress Software
(PowerPoint) 213_ANewModel4WS.pptx

251: How Transaction and Record Scoping Form the Heart of OEABL? — Saravanakumar Balasubramanian, Nuware Systems LLP
(PowerPoint) 251_Scoping.pptx

255: Stop! Don't Throw Away Your ADM2 Code Just Yet! — Jeff Ledbetter, Roundtable Software
(PowerPoint) 255_Stop!_ADM2.pptx 

267: Lists, Generics, Enumerators, Enumerations, Serialization: DIY Closing the OO Gap — Mike Fechner, Consultingwerk Ltd.
(PDF) 267_2015_Do_it_yourself_Lists_Enumerators_Enums_Serialization.pdf

272: Structured Error Handling Ins and Outs — Mike Fechner, Consultingwerk Ltd.
(PDF) 272_Strucutred_Error_Handling.pdf

281: Privacy, Confidentiality and Security. (What's the Difference?) — Michael Solomon, Solomon Consulting Inc.
(PDF) 281_PUGChallenge2015PrivacyandConfidentiality.pdf

402: OpenEdge REST For Any Application — Matt Baker, Progress Software
(PowerPoint) 402_PUGChallange2015_-_REST_for_any_application.pptx 

410: The World is Your Oyster: Calling REST Services From the 4GL — Peter Judge, Progress Software
(PDF) 410_The_world_is_your_oyster_REST_Out.pdf

417: Composing Complex Applications: From new() to Factories and Beyond — Peter Judge, Progress Software
(PDF) 417_Composing_Complex_Applications.pdf 

426: Introduction to OpenEdge REST (part 1 of 2) — Dustin Grau, Progress Software
(PDF) 426_REST_Part_1.pdf 
(PDF) 426_Spring_Security.pdf

429: Creating a Dynamic OE REST Service (part 2 of 2) — Dustin Grau, Progress Software
(PDF) 429_REST_Part_2.pdf

433: Migrating to Pacific AppServer for OpenEdge — Roy Ellis, Progress Software
(PowerPoint) 433_Migrating_to_PASOE.pptx

Reporting/Business Intelligence

404: What is new in OpenEdge BPM 11.X? — Abhinav Agarwal, Progress Software
(PowerPoint) 404_OEBPM11.pptx

414: REST APIs to Manage Your PASOE Instances — Srinivas Munigala, Progress Software
(PowerPoint) 414_REST-API2ManagePASOE.pptx

The Database

123: Database Problems and Solutions — Mike Furgal, Progress Software
(PowerPoint) 123_Common_Database_Problems_v1.potx

138: Monitoring OpenEdge with ProTop — Tom Bascom, White Star Software
(PowerPoint) 138_pt3_pca2015.pptx

155: Congratulations! You're the New DBA! — Tom Bascom, Dan Foreman, White Star Software, Progress Software
(PowerPoint) 155_Congrats_New_DBA_PCA_2015.pptx

184: OpenEdge Replication - The Easy way from A to Z — Adam Backman, White Star Software
(PowerPoint) 184_OE_Replication_2015.pptx

229: The Secrets Behind DB Start-up Parameters — Paul Koufalis , White Star Software
(PDF) 229_The_Secrets_Behind_DB_Startup_Parameters.pdf

246: DBAnalys To The Rescue! — Dmitri Levin, Alphabroder
(PowerPoint) 246_DBAnalys.pptx

273: Encryption and Common Sense (they aren't mutually exclusive) — Michael Solomon, Solomon Consulting Inc.
(PDF) 273_PUGChallenge2015EncryptionandCommonSense.pdf

288: Why Hackers Love Your Database — Michael Solomon, Solomon Consulting Inc.
(PDF) 288_PUGChallenge2015HackersLikeDatabases.pdf

305: CheckPoints — Dan Foreman, Progress Software
(PowerPoint) 305_Checkpoints_PCA_2015.pptx

338: Top Performance Destroyers and Enhancers in Progress — Dan Foreman, Progress Software
(PowerPoint) 338_Top_Performance_Enhancers_and_Destroyers_PCA_2015.pptx

436: Tales Of The Secret Bunker 2015 — Gus Bjorklund, et al., Progress Software
(PowerPoint) 436_bunker2015_v13.pptx

448: Secrets Of The OpenEdge RDBMS: Schema Tables — Gus Bjorklund, Progress Software
(PDF) 448_schema_tables_v04.pdf

451: A Guide To Database Storage — Gus Bjorklund, Progress Software
(PDF) 451_guide_to_storage_v02.pdf

483: Getting the Most out of Table Partitioning — Rich Banville, Progress Software
(PowerPoint) 483_TP_For_Performance.pptx

3rd Party Integration

243: Case Study: Integrating CyberQuery with a SAAS Application — Paul Bouscaren, Outlook Park Holdings
(PowerPoint) 243_Integrating_Cyberquery.pptx

Complementary Technologies

125: Building Mobile Application using AngularJS and Ionic — Aliaksandr Tarasevich, Smart Web Squad, LLC
(PDF) 125_AngularJS_and_Ionic.pdf

225: What are my choices for building a modern web UI? — Sunil Belgaonkar , Progress Software
(PowerPoint) 225_What_are_my_choices_Modern_Web_UI.pptx

233: Software Quality Analysis with Cloud: Challenges and Approaches — Dr. Ganesh Iyer, Santosh Kumar Soma, Kiran Kumar Angara, Progress Software
(PDF) 233_Software_Quality_Analysis_with_Cloud_-Upload.pdf

293: OpenEdge Rules In Action — David Atkins, Progress Software
(PowerPoint) 293_OpenEdge_Rules_in_Action_-_PUG_Challenge_Exchange_2015.pptx

373: Performance testing of Progress Appservers and a plug-in for Jmeter — IrfanPasha Syed, Progress Software
(PowerPoint) 373_Performance_testing_of_Progress_Appservers_and_a_plug-in.pptx

378: Building a Mobile App With The Telerik Platform — Shelley Chase, Progress Software
(PowerPoint) 378_Mobile.pptx

385: Amazing UI Modernization Using Telerik UI for WinForms — Shelley Chase, Progress Software
(PowerPoint) 385_TelerikWinForms.pptx

396: Corticon Integration with OpenEdge and BPM — Divyatheja Pachipula, Progress Software
(PowerPoint) 396_Corticon_Integration_with_OpenEdge_and_BPM.pptx

398: Using the JSDO with Kendo UI — Edsel Garcia, Progress Software

489: Do you Docker? — Thomas Hansen, whoGloo Inc.
(PDF) 489_whoGloo_Do_You_Docker_201506.pdf

491: An OE Developer Getting Started with Modulus and MongoDB — Carl Pritchard, Franchise Technologies, Inc.
(PDF) 491_AnOpenEdgeDeveloperGettingStartedWithModulusAndMongoDB-PUGChallengeExchange-June2015.pdf

701: Low Impact, High Return Business Visibility With OpenEdge BPM — Rob Straight, David Atkins, Progress Software
(PowerPoint) 701_Business_Visibility_With_OpenEdge_BPM_-_PUG_Challenge_2015.pptx 
(PDF) 701_OE_BPM_-_Monitor_Existing_OE_Apps.pdf

Development Tools

238: Agile Testing: Principles and Best Practices — Dr. Ganesh Iyer, Sailaja Pindiproli, Kiran Kumar Angara, Progress Software
(PDF) 238_Agile_Testing-_Upload.pdf

259: Case Study: How DMSi Dramatically Improved Productivity to Support Rapid Business Growth — Mark Opfer, Jeffrey Beisch, and Brent Heavican (with panel host Jaclyn Barnard), DMSi
(PDF) 259_RTB_Case_Study_DMSI.pdf

262: Telerik .NET Controls for Infragistics Users — Mike Fechner, Consultingwerk Ltd.
(PDF) 262_Telerik_.NET_for_Infragistics_Users.pdf

269: Using Telerik Kendo.UI with WebSpeed — Mike Fechner, Consultingwerk Ltd.
(PDF) 269_2015_Kendo_UI_with_WebSpeed.pdf

370: Sencha Architect Accessing Webspeed for Beginners — Edward "Gerry" Winning, Wolters Kluwer Health

392: The New Rollbase UI — Thierry Ciot, Progress Software
(PowerPoint) 392_TheNewRollBaseUI.pptx

464: Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge Webspeed Development — RamaDevi Dhavala, Divyatheja Pachipula, Pogress Software
(PowerPoint) 464_WebspeedDevelopmentWithKnedoUI.pptx

466: Continuous Integration for OpenEdge Applications — Divyatheja Pachipula, Progress Software
(PowerPoint) 466_Continuous_Integration_for_OpenEdge_Applications.pptx

471: Unlocking the Secrets of Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge — Srinivas Kantipudi, Progress Software
(PowerPoint) 471_Unlocking_the_Secrets_of_Developer_Studio.pptx


145: Database Performance Monitoring with DBAppraise — Adam Backman, DBAppraise
(PowerPoint) 145_DBAppraise.ppt

455: Experience Enhanced PDSOE With Powerful Features — Suresh Inavolu, Progress Software
(PowerPoint) 455_Progress_Developer_Studio_pug2015.pptx

501: Roundtable on Roundtable: User Group Meeting — Jaclyn Barnard, Jeff Ledbetter and Thomas Hansen, Roundtable Software
(PDF) 501_RTB_User_Group.pdf

801: Modernization! The SmartComponent Library — Mike Fechner, Consultingwerk
(PDF) 801_SmartComponent_Library_-_2015.pdf

803: Securing Your Data - With Your Apple Watch!? — Nick Finch, DataPA
(PDF) 803_Database_performance_monitoring_on_my_Apple_Watch.pdf

993: Your System; Your Way! Solutions of a Progress Technology Alliance Partner (TAP) — Bruce LeBel, ProStar Software
(PowerPoint) 993_ProStar_TailorPro_MEI.pptx