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Dynamic Content Based Router

Dynamic Content Based Router

The Dynamic Router requires the routing rules to be constructed at
runtime and may indeed be different on each invocation of the router. 
While this is achievable to a degree by using a runtime property that
specifies a routing file when invoked in an ESB Process, it is not truly
dynamic as the number of rules is limited to the files defined and
deployed in the Directory Service.

To implement a truly dynamic router the inbound message may contain
a part that defines the routing rules, the rules can be read at runtime
and executed upon.  Figure 4 shows how the inbound message to the
Dynamic Router typically consists of a at least two parts.  M denotes
the message to be routed such as a purchase order or similar and R
denotes the part that contains the routing rule definition, see Figure 1
for the definition of the routing rules.  The router will read the routing
part and determine which service to send the message on after applying
them to the message M.  The router will consume the routing rules part
if required to ensure that they do not get reused.

See the Content Based Router pattern for more information on
the configuration of the routing service.



  • Very abstract for a beginner. This is exactly what I need to do. A worked example would be very helpful.