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Configure Brokers with Maximum Connection Count

Configure Brokers with Maximum Connection Count


Having an unlimited maximum connection count, the default setting, leaves the broker unprotected from malfunctioning JMS clients. Malfunctioning JMS clients can create an unlimited number of connections and cause the broker to fail.


Configure your brokers by setting a maximum connection count with the Max Connections property. This specifies the maximum number of connections that can be made by JMS clients. A maximum connection count helps protect the broker and its resources, such as memory. It also ensures that scalability is accounted for when new JMS client applications are added.

The recommended maximum connection count setting should be between 500-1000, depending on the message traffic and other stresses on the broker that result from the use of the connections.

If the value is set too low then JMS clients will be rejected when they attempt to connect. Proper testing of theÊMax ConnectionsÊproperty and JMS client load should be done in the QA environment before deploying your production system.

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  • why do you then have a selection for unlimited connections.  isnt this misleading