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Sonic Test Harness

The Sonic Test Harness is a Java class library designed to support simple, flexible load tests for message-based integration products. It is tested with SonicMQ and Sonic ESB, but should be compliant with any JMS standard library. You can pass properties in to the test harness to control the number of client sessions or threads, the quality of service, the content of messages, the timing of tests, handling of replies, and many other things. The goal is to build a simulation of real messaging scenarios that will accurately predict the expected performance of those scenarios when they are deployed.

The test harness includes the following:

    • a README.txt file with simple instructions for getting started
    • user guide and javadoc in the 'doc' subdirectory
    • sample scripts and data generation templates
    • source code

If you have suggestions, updates or enhancement requests, please send them to David Hentchel </p></body>

  • (Oct 27, 2007) Version 7.6.2 has significant new features: separate Vendor extensions, better latency tracking, JDK1.5 baseline.

  • Author: David Hentchel, Posted: Nov 1, 2008 2:53 PM Still more features in v7.6.7:- you can load multiple properties files, so you can mix and match- supports multiple Sonic broker URLs- record incoming messages for playback- more Sonic extension: local store, adaptive pacing, Actional instrumentation, flow control monitor- cleaned up samples