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FTP Connector ESB Service

The FTPConnector service is an implementation of the Sonic ESB Service Type that provides an on-ramp and off-ramp to the bus for FTP servers. In download mode you configure a polling interval and the service will periodically check for files and download each to the bus. In upload mode, you send an ESB message to the service and it will upload it to the configured FTP server. This service is provided with full source, as a Sonic Eclipse Project, or for runtime, as a Sonic ESB Archive file.

This revised version of the old FTP service includes bi-directional support for FTP and SFTP servers, allows a single service instance to traverse nested subdirectories and lets you control the ESB message type of downloaded files.

The current version has minimal documentation, and is built and tested with Sonic ESB Version 7.5 and Java 1.5.



  • I like your document. Thank you for information.

  • Hello,I encounter an issue with the EnterpriseDT FTP API :DEBUG [FTPControlSocket] 26 janv. 2010 17:11:15.875 : 226 Directory send OK.INFO [FTPFileFactory] 26 janv. 2010 17:11:15.875 : Failed to parse line '-rw-r--r--    1 1012     1013       391036 Jan 26 14:57 3.xml' (Unparseable date: "Jan-26-2010-14:57")INFO [FTPFileFactory] 26 janv. 2010 17:11:15.875 : Rotated parser to WindowsDEBUG [FTPControlSocket] 26 janv. 2010 17:11:15.891 : ---> QUITDEBUG [FTPControlSocket] 26 janv. 2010 17:11:15.891 : 221 Goodbye.DEBUG [FTPClient] 26 janv. 2010 17:11:25.766 : Class: com.enterprisedt.net.ftp.FTPClientIt seems that everybody using this API is facing the same issue if the FTP server locale is not US. Did you encounter this problem and do you have a workaround ?TIA

  • Hello,Is it possible to use this connector with Sonic MQ /ESB 6.1 ??