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Signing Your Own Certificates & Sonic SSL

Signing Your Own Certificates & Sonic SSL

Using SSL acceptors in SonicMQ is vital if you want to ensure the integrity and secrecy of the JMS messages. X509 certificates are used as part of the hand-shake mechanism between the client and the broker to establish a secure connection. A Certificate Authority (CA) is responsible for the generation and signing of X509 certificates. Although there are many commercial CA's, it is possible for anyone to act as a CA and to sign certificates. This example steps through the process of making a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) and using open source tools to create and sign a certificate. In the process, you will set yourself up as a Certificate Authority and create your own Root CA certificate. You will then use your Root CA certificate to create and sign an X509 certificate, which you will then use to configure a SonicMQ SSL acceptor.

Signing Certificates (incl. Screen Shots).pdf

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