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Tool: Zabbix appender for Event monitor and Netmon

Tool: Zabbix appender for Event monitor and Netmon

This tool allows you to send metrics from Event monitor or Netmon to the monitoring tool Zabbix. This allows you monitor your Sonic domain just like you monitor everything else in your organization and also to create fully automated alerts through e-mail and sms (text) messages on your mobile phone when anything goes wrong.

The most powerful use for this tool however is the ability to see what's going on in Sonic at the same time and in the same graphs as the information about the hardware it's running on. Also, it's very useful for looking up what was going a long time ago since Zabbix keeps an almost infinite history.

It's built upon a library I created independently to be included in Java applications, so you can also use that library separately to instrument your other applications (like custom adapters).

Submitted by Gerco Dries of Progaia Resources Solutions B.V.

  • I'm afraid Sonic Event Monitor is required and not included with the product. Event Monitor takes care of gathering the information, the appender only converts the information into a usable format for Zabbix.

  • Do we need to buy something extra to use this tool within Sonic? Such as EventMonitor? Or is it included with Sonic MQ 7.0 ?

  • Great tool! Does it work with both Sonic Event Monitor 7.0 and 7.5? Is there any place we can post questions and issues? Thanks!