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Template: ESB Process - Fault Handling

Template: ESB Process - Fault Handling

Introduction The handle fault process covers a common use case in the domain of message exchange in the ESB environment: An incoming message has to be transformed, processed and eventually replied to. In the course of this process error handling has to take place on the base of up to three different messages: the original incoming message, the transformed internal version and eventually an error message produced by the processing. The handle fault process can be used as a template for error handling based on these assumptions.

Version 7.0.1 of the IW was used to create the process.

The XAR archive contains the entry endpoint which is also assigned to the process for testing for convenience. The ZIP archive contains neither (no entry endpoint is assigned to the process).

Submitted by Jan Voelker of proAlpha Consulting AG.

Description of the handle fault process.doc

Fault Handling Template.zip